The public organization “UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF AYURVEDA YOGA” unites citizens of Ukraine of different nationalities and religions on the basis of common interests with the aim of improving and maintaining the health of the nation.

The Association aims to support the Ayurvedic concept of health, its adaptation to living conditions in Ukraine, the development and popularization of Ayurveda and Yoga in Ukraine. Our efforts will be aimed at: promoting the ideas of a healthy lifestyle in accordance with national traditions and the principles of Ayurveda; creating conditions for the development of children; safety of life and longevity; protection of the freedom of choice of each person for a safe method of treatment.

14 March to 21 June 2021, “Yoga for Unity and Well-being”


24 october 2020  Final results / Остаточні результати

24 september 2020  TOP 20, photographs of “Ukraine Yoga Photo Contest 2020″

July, 6 2020  Ukraine Yoga Photo Contest 2020

June, 21 2020  International Yoga Day. Kiev, Ukraine.

April 15, 2020  A challenge to humanity. Call awareness. Search for a solution.

November 23-24, 2019  First International Congress on Ayurveda and Yoga, Kiev, Ukraine

June 22, 2019  5th International Yoga Day

June 22, 2019 PRO Alternative Medicine 2019

April 14, 2019  Master class: “The spectrum of Ayurveda’s capabilities in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases”

March 28, 2019  Forum “Ayurveda: the key to health and longevity”

March 28, 2019  In the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada), the event “Planet Earth United” was organized Ukraine – India

November 29, 2018  Business Delegation Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India Sellers and Buyers Meeting

October 26, 2018   “Strategy for the development of traditional and alternative medicine” in primary health care

October 18, 2018   Meeting with Sri Swami Mahesvarananda, founder of Yoga in Everyday Life

October 12, 2018   Inauguration of the Permanent Yoga Club in the premises of the new Intellect Lyceum

October 05, 2018   Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Ukraine. His Excellency Manoj Kumar Bharti becomes the first Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda Yoga

September 13, 2018   The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine approved and registered the NGO UAAY (Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda – Yoga)

September 13, 2018   Organizational fees of the Public Organization “Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda Yoga”

March 28, 2018   Ayurvedic seminar with the support of the Ministry of AYL and the Embassy of India in Ukraine