Ukraine Yoga Photo Contest 2020

Events Name:Ukraine Yoga Photo Contest 2020 (National Level)
Aim: Promote and propagation of “YOGA SCIENCE”
   Promote and support YOGA enthusiasts
   Highlight and provide a platform to the YOGA talents
Country: Ukraine (the event is only for territory of Ukraine,individuals who live in Ukraine)
Eligibility: Any individual with identity
Age & Gender: No restriction
Fee: None (This event has no commercial value)
1st prize 2600 UAH
2nd prize 1800 UAH
3rd prize 1200 UAH

Member of the Jury: 

Professor (Doctor) Ganesh  Datt Sharma
​Certified Yoga Expert & Teacher / Instructor
Formerly Chairman, Department of Yoga Studies, HP University, India.
Head of the Department of Yoga Sciences., Registrar & Dean (Academy), University of Patanjali, Haridwar,India.
Head of School of Yoga & Naturopathy,​ Chairperson, Yogananda Chair for Spiritual Research Studies & Senior Advisor, Shoolini University, India.
Yoga Expert Teacher in the status of Diplomat at JNICC,                Embassy of India,Jakarta Indonesia.
Awarded the title of Yogacharya by President of India​.​

Doctor Bharat Singh
Doctor of Naturopathy and Yoga
P.hd Human Consciousness & Yogic Science
Certified Yoga Teacher & Instructor
Indian Culture Center (ICCR), Indian Embassy Cairo Egypt (2014- 2017)
Life Member, Ukranian Association of Ayurveda & Yoga, Ukraine.


Mr. Alexey Yuryevich Skubko                      Director, International Institute of Ayurveda & Yoga, Ukraine.
Qualified Yoga Teacher & Instructor   (since 2000)
Founder member, Ukranian Association of Ayurveda & Yoga, Kiev.

Doctor Galina Ohman
Doctor of Medical Science
Certified Yoga Instructor & Teacher (“Yoga in everyday life”)
Ayurveda medicine specialist
​Member, Ukranian Association of Ayurveda & Yoga, Kiev.

      Embassy of India,Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukranian Association of Ayurveda & Yoga, Kiev,Ukraine.


Amma Life Sciences, Kiev,Ukraine

Standards of the photo:
  • Photos should be of an individual

  • Your photo while doing YOGA

  • Photo of good resolution. (No minimum standard)

Criteria on which marks will be awarded: 
  • Background of the photograph (nature,public place, school,etc as per your imagination)

  • How good your photograph reflects the poses of Yoga.

  • How unique is your photograph

  • How creative is your idea

The process:
Round One: 10 best photos will be decided by the member of jury, each member of jury will give 25% of the total marks.

Top 3 photographs will be declared for 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes. and other prizes.

Rules & Regulations:
  • Each applicant holds the responsibility of its entries and does not infringe to any copyright of third party or any violation of law.
  • The photos must have been created in the past six months and must be the applicants original work. 
  • Photos used in the other competition’s, contest will not be accepted.
  • Computer-generated, computer-altered, artworks and illustrated photographs will not be accepted. Organiser has the right, at its discretion, to disqualify or remove any entrant who may be found using unfair means.
  • By applying for the contest and submitting the photographs, it will be deemed that the entrant has given the rights to the organiser to use the photograph for social network and publications.
  • The decisions of the members of jury and results are not subject to any judiciary, it will be full and final
  • Results will be published on the official website of “Ukranian Association of Ayurveda -Yoga”, Kiev,Ukraine and other media.
  • The organiser gurantees not to public personal information of participants.
  • Family members of organiser and sponsor are not allowed to participate in this event.

How to apply:
Please fill the following form and attach your Yoga Photographs (Maximum 5 different photos)

Last date to apply: 27.08.2020

The maximum photo size is 5 MB. If your photo is larger than 5 MB and you can’t reduce it, send an email with fields like in the form below and your photos to:

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