Simple breathing exercises to improve lung health

Cleansing Pranayama

I want to draw your attention to an important detail of the proposed breathing practices. They can be considered, on the one hand, as preparatory in a series of more complex and deep breathing exercises, and on the other hand, as cleansing. Depending on the constitutive type of person, the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx can respond to adverse conditions in different ways. The dominant Vata will dry the mucous membranes, Pitta will cause pro-inflammatory reactions, and Cap will cause the formation of an excess of thick, viscous mucus. Therefore, it is better to start the practice by assessing the condition of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and activating the blood flow in them.

By creating a slight excess pressure on the breath holding, we stretch, which means we relax the nasal passages first, then the oral cavity and throat / pharynx, providing unhindered air movement. Neck massage and swallowing movement activate blood flow in the nasopharynx. We separately breathe out each nostril, carefully observing the features of the air flow. The series ends with a full exhalation through the mouth for maximum release of the lungs.

The “noisy” victorious breathing of Ujjayi has a very harmonious tonic effect on the whole organism. Muscle tension of the pharynx and narrowing of the glottis increases blood flow in this area, which in turn stimulates the carotid sinus in the carotid artery and blood flow to the thyroid gland. Modulation of thyroid function is enhanced by cervical lock, it also activates Vishudha. The presence of increased resistance on inspiration and exhalation enhances the work of the respiratory muscles. Truly a victorious action. It is very important to keep a feasible breath hold so that the exhalation is not forced and starts smoothly only after the lock is removed. At the end of the series is again a passive relaxing expiration. Try during this exhalation to relieve all excess muscle tension in the upper thoracic region. Repeat it a couple of times if necessary. Be healthy.

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