Awakening breath

We litter our body not only with poor-quality food and its poor digestion, but also with constant excessive stress of all that is possible. We all day and often even in a dream subconsciously hold almost all the muscles of our body in tension. What is so bad here? The process of contraction of muscle tissue requires energy consumption, therefore, the more muscles are tense, the higher the energy consumption. Here is the answer to the question of why we get tired so quickly and do not rest so effectively! Increased respiratory muscle tension is a tragedy for the body. Firstly, this leads to respiratory failure, a decrease in the respiratory volume of the lungs, and secondly, to a decrease in tolerance to physical exertion, rapid shortness of breath. Therefore, I want to emphasize once again that the proposed breathing practices are fundamental, without them yoga is not possible.

First, prepare your hands. The Mudra “Temple of the Dragon” creates an internal unity of thought, soul and spirit, connecting us with the Universe. We press the middle finger (Agni) to the palm of our hand, neutralizing the activity and aggressiveness of Fire. Mudra is very good for starting practice and renouncing fuss. When working your palms, carefully massage their center. In the Ayurvedic tradition, the center of the palm and foot is called Hridaya (heart). These are important, central points that control circulation through all the channels of our body. Also pay attention to the stretching and massage of each phalanx of the fingers. Each joint, even small, is a lower-order chakra and its activation improves blood and energy circulation.

Now the main thing in the proposed practice: the development of passivity of exhalation. Only a breath should be active and intense! Further, the muscles relax, and the air leaves the lungs passively. No pre-breaths and necessarily relaxed throat and throat. Such breathing is the basis for the treatment of obstructive bronchitis and asthma. In addition, there is Vishuddha, the chakra responsible for accepting peace and joy, its blocking initiates rejection of the environment, allergic and asthmatic reactions of the body. The main thing for beginners is a complete awareness of the tone and interaction of different groups of respiratory muscles. Take your time and be focused and attentive. Hands are always to help you. Do not leave your attention the so-called vacuum breathing. At first, pulling up your abdomen with a simulated breath will be more theoretical. This is a good objective indicator of the fullness of your intestines with all sorts of residues, the amount of fatty tissue on the mesentery and the lethargy and incapacity of the diaphragm. But the road will be overpowered by the walking one. 2-3 months of regular classes and you can get closer to what Alexei demonstrates. Please proceed to full breathing only after you have mastered a soft passive exhalation.

Completion of the practice – the mudra “Vajra Arrow” – the thunder arrow of Indra. A symbol of the victory of the spirit and a symbol of peace, both personal and universal. It strengthens, first of all, the cardiovascular system and gives strength along the way. Be healthy.

Dmitrieva Alla Vladimirovna

Head of the Ayurvedic Medicine Center “Rassayana”

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