Jala Neti (Upper Airway Hygiene. Nasopharynx Flushing)

One of the most important laws of Vedic philosophy, and, consequently, Ayurveda is “The nature of all things is one.” If you want to harvest or get a result, you first need to prepare the soil, fertilize and water it, drop the grain and only then there will be results. Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to the mandatory preparation for the procedure. Hands are the first to prepare. It is through the hands, provided they are clean, that the energetic effect on structures and tissues occurs. Then, blood circulation is activated in the facial and scalp and the neck. The bringing (arteries) and abduction (veins) vessels of the head pass under the muscle layer of the neck, therefore relieving stress from these muscles is a prerequisite for normalizing blood supply to all parts of the head.

The Jala neti procedure can be both routine and therapeutic. If we use saline solution (the solution has a taste of tear fluid), then we get cleansing of the nasal passages and nasopharynx from crusts, mucus, bacteria. If you increase the salt concentration and add 1 drop of iodine, then we carry out sanitation of the nasopharynx, for sanitation, you can also use infusions of medicinal plants. After such washing, you should definitely drip the nose with oil. As an oil, you can use many options for oil extracts based on vegetable oils or ghee, depending on the constitution of the person and season.

The main part of the procedure is not difficult for practicing yoga, but it can be difficult for beginners. I can offer a simplified option – flushing the nasal passages by gravity. To do this, bend over the washbasin and turn your head to the right. Slowly pour the solution into the right nostril from the teapot, which will flow from the left nostril. The breathing is even and calm. Enough 20 ml, and then swap the nostrils. If necessary, the cycle can be repeated. The further course of the procedure remains unchanged. Final breathing exercises harmonize the body.

I want to attract your attention! You do not need to do Jala Neti every day if the mucous membrane of your nasopharynx is in order. It’s like washing the body with soap. Any washings, like inhalations, dry the mucous membranes, do not abuse them. But if you become sick or have swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose or throat / pharynx, do this procedure until you get the effect of a healthy mucous membrane. Be healthy.

Dmitrieva Alla Vladimirovna

Head of Ayurvedic Medicine Center “Rassayana”

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