Ayurveda and yoga recommendations for vigorous and healthy waking.


In most people, waking is associated with opening the eyes. This is, to say the least, wrong. We can consider ourselves awakened only after we wake up the body, its muscular system. You need to start with the activation of the hands, because the skin of a person, and especially the hands and fingers, is the largest sensitive organ in the person associated with all internal organs. We connect the thumb (brain) with the little finger (Earth element, stability) and are aware of our physical body. We connect the thumb with the ring finger (elements of Water, kidneys, water balance of the body) and activate the elimination of excess fluid and water-soluble waste. The middle finger belongs to the element of Fire, we wake up our digestive tract to begin its work and activate metabolic processes throughout the body. The index finger is subordinate to the tanmatra of the Wind, regulates and coordinates all the psycho-emotional, intellectual and physical processes in our body. And now we close all the fingers together, redistributing energy and blood flow between the organ systems.

In the morning, the cardiopulmonary system requires the most attention, since it is it that provides the organs with oxygen and nutrients. The mudra in which we put our fingers is called the “mudra that saves life,” it activates and supports the work of the heart and lungs. Then we perform the deflections, freeing the roots of the 1,2,3 chest vertebrae from compression and muscle tension of the adjacent muscles. This allows you to activate or simply align the work of the nerves that control the work of organs in the chest cavity.

Having prepared the foundation, we begin full breathing. With the help of hands, we control and help our muscles work properly. In an ordinary urban sedentary person, the upper and lower lung lobes are poorly ventilated. With the help of simple movements and concentration of attention, we include the upper lobes in the active work with the clavicle, and the abdominal muscles and the main diaphragm increase the ventilation volume of the lower lobes. Now, in the face of the danger of developing respiratory infections, it is active, but not forced! breathing will be another factor in preventing infection.

Exercising your legs is very important for productive work. Feet are a reflexogenic zone, closely associated with the head and nasopharynx. Decreasing the tone of the smooth muscles of the vessels of the lower extremities reduces the amount of actively circulating blood and impairs brain nutrition. Prolonged sitting and decreased blood flow in the knee and hip joints leads to the development of arthritis and arthrosis. Therefore, morning stimulation of blood circulation in the joints prevents violations of their function.

I want to draw your attention, the whole page of the text of the explanations for the short morning complex shows how complex and harmonious influence very simple yoga exercises have on our body. Try it, you won’t regret it. Be healthy.

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