Recommendations by Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioners during the Pandemic

Those who have been studying and practicing Yoga and Ayurveda for a long time know from ancient texts that these practices were primarily given to people to get rid of suffering – this is suffering from the elements and gods, from living beings and from themselves.

In recent decades, and maybe more, we have ceased to trust ourselves, our feelings and intuition, the original nature due to which we live and breathe, and the laws of our body and its needs have faded into the background, giving way to an unbridled race for material happiness and pleasures.

My very good friend and brilliant Ayurveda doctor Vijay Kumar, always, whenever possible, repeated the words of his teacher to me that the time is coming “SANKHYA”, this is the period when time is accelerating and all processes in our universe are also accelerating. This means that what was latent begins to appear, and all the processes that are happening now they have received strong acceleration in all areas of our existence from the spiritual aspects, social, economic, and first of all it concerns all living things on Earth, that is, the issue of adaptation to everything that happens has become not just relevant, it has become global for us.

There are very ancient and deep sciences, “Swara Yoga” and an independent direction in Vedic science, Vedic astrology “Jotish”. According to the Swara Yoga doctrine, our body is divided into different levels (five koshas) that receive from our organs perception (five indriyas) of important information for us how to adapt in the coming months or years !! Under the changes that will occur in the universe. Part of this information remains at a very deep vital level, another part (actual) is given to us in portions for each specific case.

Recommendations of practitioners of yoga and Ayurveda during a pandemic (Five Pranas of Kalchuga)

In other words, we must respond to every challenge without extinguishing the fire, fighting heroically and incurring losses, and prepare ourselves in advance for future changes, if the climate changes, bacteria and viruses modify it, or whatever else threatens us.

There was such statistics from “WHO – World Health Organization” that prevention and treatment go in the ratio of 1 to 10. That is, if we are actively and consciously engaged in prevention, then the probability of getting into a situation when we are being treated is reduced by 10 times.

About the current situation:
All those recommendations that the government and WHO give us regarding quarantine and personal hygiene requirements are very important and relevant – less social contacts, personal hygiene in society and hygiene of communication with relatives in the family, personal responsibility in detecting signs of infection (conscience and compassion to your loved ones), taking medications and procedures, as well as other methods.

  1. All the processes of our health depend on the psycho-emotional state, in other words, what psychological state we are in. There are three basic states of our psyche or consciousness – a state of clarity, joy and optimism (satva), passion, aggression, indomitable desires (rajas), ignorance, inhibition, dullness and insanity (tamas).
  2. When we are in a state of quality of goodness (satva) then we act in accordance with the laws of our Body and the Universe and the changes that occur.
  3.  When our consciousness is in a state of goodness, then we make the right decisions about the correct daily routine (sleep and wakefulness).
  4.  We select the right diet for us according to the type of constitution, age, climate and occupation.
  5. Given the lunar, seasonal and daily biorhythms of our body, we correctly choose the ways to cleanse our body (hygiene).
  6. We choose physical exercises and training according to the type of constitution, age, weather conditions, special state of the body and kind, figure of body state and kind of activity.

At the moment, in the current situation with the pandemic, I want to give some useful tips for those people who are familiar with Ayurveda and yoga:

  1. Eat fully and follow a diet. The concept of good nutrition for each type of constitution will be special. For details on the regimen and diet, consult with specialists.
  2. Performing special hygiene exercises from yoga (shatkarma) and Ayurveda procedures to strengthen digestive fire (panchakarma).
  3. With proper digestion, all the tissues of the body that are responsible for the state of immunity will receive the necessary nutrition and maintain a protective function.
  4. We pay special attention during the pandemic to our first line of defense of the immune system, the nasopharynx and the back of the pharynx (lymphoid ring) of the gland and the root of the tongue. There is a very effective hygiene of these areas in the practice of yoga and Ayurveda.

You can still list many special techniques and exercises, but they are available only to those who practice yoga and Ayurveda. A universal tip for everyone, both for practitioners and ordinary people:

Rejoice every morning as a miracle, make plans for the day and do not back down from them, the people who surround you today, by the will of God, bear these trials with you, be lenient and attentive to them. This is our lesson on humanity, show compassion and compassion. .

Alexey Skubko
Ukrainian Institute of Ayurveda and Yoga

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