Inauguration of the “Permanent Yoga Club” in the premises of the Lyceum “Intellect” new building at Prospect Bazhana-34-A , Kiev,Ukraine.

12, October, 2018, Kyiv,Ukraine

A “Permanent Yoga Club” in the premises of the Lyceum “Intellect” new building at prospect Bazhana-34-A, Kiev,Ukraine was inaugurated by Ambassador of India in Ukraine, H. E. Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti.

Lyceum “Intellect” was inaugurated by Mayor of Kyiv Mr. Vitaly Klichko recently naming it as the ONLY and UNIQUE “Intelligent School” of Ukraine!!!.

“Yoga Club” was established with active initiative of Mr.Arnab Roychuramony from “Heartfulness Institute” of Raja-Yoga in Ukraine.

It was jointly declared that “Intellect” is going to be the “Model” and “Base” for the training of the children, teachers & parents for the whole of Ukraine in the sphere of Yoga & Ayurveda and a large scale planning will be chalked out and implemented soon to make this wonderful noble venture a great success for better health for moral & physical development in the country.

UAAY(The Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda-Yoga), also has agreed to the proposal of Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti during this event, to roll out regular seminars & training programs on Ayurveda for the children of the Lyceum to make them aware of the great benefits of Ayurveda for maintaining a good health in a very natural way!

There is no doubt that the Ministry of AYUSH of India will be of great help to guide us in this venture in a long term basis for this noble cause.

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