Ayurveda siminar with the support of the Ministry of AYUSH and the Embassy of India in Ukraine,in association with ‘Ananta Medicare’


The Embassy of India in Ukraine in association with ‘Ananta Medicare’ organized a seminar “AYURVEDA” on March 28, 2018 in Kiev, in order to assess the scale and strength of Ayurveda in Ukraine. The seminar was attended by about 300 people, including government dignitaries, Ayurvedic centers in Ukraine, medical workers in Ayurveda, companies dealing with Ayurveda products, people interested in Ayurveda, and two high-level Ayurveda experts from India “AYUSH”. The seminar was opened by H.E Ambassador Manoj Kumar Bharti.
H.E. Ambassador Manoj Bharti in his address drew attention to an integrated approach to Ayurveda medicine and a range of Ayurvedic treatment methods that are effective for treating common chronic diseases, as well as for preventing and promoting healthy lifestyles. The ambassador added: “Ayurveda is an ancient, time-tested Indian system of medicine and health with a documented history of use for 3,000 years, emphasizes the need to maintain a balance in the physical, physiological, psychological, spiritual and social aspects of the individual.” Ambassador Bharti stressed the importance of promoting and incorporating Ayurveda into the education system in Ukraine. He called on local authorities to recognize the Ayurvedic medical system in the health system of Ukraine and to allow the import of Ayurvedic medicines to Ukraine.
Ms. Olga Bogomolets, Chairman of the Health Committee in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, speaking at the meeting, highly appreciated the Ayurveda ancient Indian medical system. She expressed her willingness to work with India in the field of natural and alternative medicines. She also appreciates the humanitarian assistance provided by the Government of India to Ukraine in the form of serums.
Ayurveda experts from AYUSH India in their speeches at the event, discussed the possibilities of bilateral cooperation for the promotion of Ayurveda, educational courses and professions in Ukraine. They reported that the manufacturing companies of Ayurvedic medicines are regulated in India in accordance with the Law on Medicines and Cosmetics, and GMP is mandatory. Some Indian companies have also acquired WHO-GMP certification and are exporting Ayurvedic products to many countries.

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